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  • Cinderella



    i loved this so much. i’m a big sucker for princess/prince stuff so it’s not surprising i’m such a big fan of this!

  • There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood


    my god, i love this film so much. every aspect of this is firing on all cylinders, and it all combines for such masterful filmmaking. a nearly 3 hour movie that never has one boring scene and never makes you feel the movie’s length. man, this 4.4 letterboxd rating is ridiculously deserved.

    from the first frame of the film, that simple yet effective droning sound effect that then plays throughout the rest of the film reminded me so much of…

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  • Midsommar



    my (now ex)* girlfriend was really enjoying this until we got to *the cliff scene* and she then proceeded to run out of the theater, in tears. we are currently back in the car driving home. thank you Ari Aster for this experience <3

    *she broke up with me like a week later this

  • Interstellar



    such a fucking religious experience. this is the film that made me realize i want to pursue screenwriting/directing. this is the film that created my deep fascination with space and time. this is the film that made me so interested in astrophysics and trying to perceive higher dimensions. this film did so much for me when i saw it in theaters in 2014, and i haven’t rewatched it since then but i would murder so many people to go see this in a theater again