Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★★

Rian Johnson is a god. Ana De Armas is a queen. Daniel Craig is a king. Toni Collette is the embodiment of twitter. Chris Evans is a legendary douche. this film is so phenomenal in every single facet and i absolutely adored every single minute, but the last 40 minutes or so had my jaw constantly open at what was happening on-screen. so goddamn good and i really hope this - along with No Time To Die next year - finally puts Ana De Armas into the mainstream; the pairing of her and Daniel Craig is brilliant and now i actually want to watch Craig’s Bond movies in preparation for their next pairing in No Time To Die.

that’s a whole different story but seriously, this was so fucking phenomenal. one of the funniest and most thrilling films of the year with a genuinely touching and heartfelt core. love u Rian Johnson

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