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This review may contain spoilers.

christopher nolans fatal flaw was not including cillian murphy

++ its three days later but im adding more thoughts cause i literally can’t stop thinking abt this film, honestly there were only two set backs for me:
 1. the sound design, which at first i thought was only a problem for me cause my ears r kinda sensitive to some loud noises but it seems alot of ppl felt this way like the opening scene at the orchestra was HELL and i had to cover my ears multiple times throughout the whole thing, im sure watching this at home would be a nicer experience but even without it being unnecessarily loud, the score and sound mixing were still extremely messy.
2. i adored the concept and even though i’d say i followed the plot quite well, there were so many times i had no clue what was going on, like the end part with the two teams running around shooting aimlessly literally what the fuck was that?? i understood most the science of the inverse time travel stuff too but thinking about it now it was executed so weird and felt underdeveloped (or maybe overdeveloped? if that’s a thing). Again this could probably be fixed if i watched it at home with subtitles, or if i had payed more attention to the dialogue and not john david washington and robert pattinson in suits 😁

so basically the more i think about it the less i understand it but despite this i still really enjoyed it and wouldn’t give it anything under 8/10. rob and jdw were so incredible, it was fun, maybe i don’t even wanna understand this movie? the confusion kinda adds to the experience.

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