Heaven Knows What ★★★★

In the 90s we had Trainspotting, then in the 2000's they hit us with Requiem for a Dream. Now in the 2010's, Heaven Knows What will serve as the hard hitting heroin addiction film. With no real narrative, we basically follow destructive people in destructive relationships. It shows how each days plays out from drug deal to paying the rent. We're exposed to burts of violence mixed with an explosive musical score every once in a while, but most the movie is fairly quiet and realistic. There lies the problem for most people. I find this to be an impossible movie to recommend to anyone. There's no real emotional payoff, nor anyone to really care about. It just shows these people make awful decisions, and if you enjoy watching an ongoing trainwreck, you may just appreciate this. Aside from the story, Arielle Holmes gives one of the best and most honest performances of the year. There's also consistent beautiful cinematography to lend a helping hand to the grueling nature of the film. This is clearly an art film, but there's still bits and pieces to enjoy here even if you're not use to these type of films.