Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★

3/5: The trailers to Suicide Squad are really great trailers. Does all the creativity and madness work for two hours though? First off, I applaud this movie for being different. Whether everything works or not, it's nice to see a different take on this sort of thing. The actual Suicide Squad is great. Obviously Deadshot and Harley Quinn get the most characterization, and Will Smith and Margot Robbie honestly kill it. Actually, Deadshot has a decent amount of emotional weight and it totally works. It takes a BIT too long to actually get the squad together, but even then it's kind of cool seeing the characters back stories. Which leads me to my next point. This movie is really really silly. Not that it's a bad thing, but the fact that any of the stuff that happens in this movie happens is just kind of silly. Also, the third act is awful and completely impossible to defend. Yes the villain is lackluster, but the fact that the end of this movie rides on her is really bogus. Up until the last 30 minutes, I actually thought this was an above average action flick, but then nothing makes sense during the climax. It's sort of baffling that they allowed any of that stuff to happen, but there it was. Okay, moving on. The Joker is a supporting character, but I would not say he's useless. He's there to show just how much he's in Harley Quinn's head, giving her character more depth. After all the garbage that occurs in the third act, the movie manages to end well, actually leaving me wanting to see more from this squad. When they're all interacting together, it's great, which leads to me say that somewhere in the midst there's a great movie. We'll have to settle for this fun, yet tame average movie instead. Certainly not nearly as bad the reviews would lead you to believe.