Se7en ★★★★★

A random list of things I love about this film.

1) The city being unidentified and the almost constant rain.

2) Darius Khondji's stellar work setting the mood and environment for the film.

3) Andrew Kevin Walker's perfect script. Just the right amount of entertainment, symbolism and humor all mixed in. The pacing and plotting of this film is one of the all-time greats.

"It's just amazing how fucking crazy I actually am."

4) Fincher coming back to the film world with all the confidence of an accomplished filmmaker, not the guy who was screwed on Alien3.

5) Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman's chemistry. Each performance is so calculated and watching the two bounce off each other never gets old.

6) The entrance of John Doe into the police station.


7) The guards putting on Bach for Somerset in the library as they play poker.

8) Mills getting the cliff notes for The Divine Comedy and proceeding to hide them from Somerset.

"Fuckin' Dante."

9 The Diner scene with Freeman and Paltrow. Gets a bit more heartbreaking each time I watch it.

10) The ending. Yes, we all know it. It's been parodied. It's been quoted countless times. Yet, it's still god damn good. Each actor brings such a distinct range of emotions to the scene. The handheld shot (one of very few Fincher uses) of Somerset running is the icing on the cake. It's the moment where you know all hope for redemption is gone.

"Become vengeance David. Become wrath."

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