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  • Vice



    Love how balls-to-the-wall Adam McKay went with this, from the editing to the performances.

  • Joy



    It's fine? Feels like the screenplay lets it down more than anything.

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  • Waiting For The Punchline

    Waiting For The Punchline


    Waiting For The Punchline is the combination of two massive things for me, stand-up comedy and Kinda Funny.

    Following Nick's journey was absolutely inspiring, such a daunting journey to embark on. I'm probably more invested than the average watcher, hearing little bits through the podcasts over the past two years, but think it'll hold up outside of this world too.

  • Muse: Simulation Theory

    Muse: Simulation Theory


    Simulation Theory is my least favourite Muse album of recent times, but this concert film has made me completely re-think that.

    Seeing it in an IMAX with those additional story beats / visual segments really adds something special to the show. Makes me wish the full world tour took place in arenas as opposed to stadiums which lacked the scale and atmosphere of a normal Muse tour.

    Also, big up to the person at Bluewater Showcase who played the harmonica intro to Knights of Cydonia as the credits rolled - you single handedly let down a 30% full IMAX screening full of hardcore Muse fans.