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  • Pas de Deux

    Pas de Deux


    Beautiful. Perfect. I can't feel my face.

  • Columbus



    There are two scenes in Kogonada’s visually rich and quietly stirring debut feature, Columbus, that I identify with more than any scene from any other film in 2017 (with the possible exception of Rooney Mara eating an entire pie in A Ghost Story). The first scene is one in which it is revealed that John Cho’s character once confessed his undying love to Parker Posey’s character when he was 17 years old. Same here.

    The second scene requires a bit of backstory.

    Check out my full review at Reel Librarians

    (That's right. You didn't know your boy was a proper librarian, did you?)

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  • Nothing



    When it was finished, I just stared into the darkness. All I knew was the void and a deep and unyielding existential fear swelling within me. As the panic began to reach it's crescendo, I felt another force rising within. It was the void returned. Spreading like a dark curtain, separating my consciousness from this absurd existence, I happily relented. I Now I am the void.

    Now I am nothing.

  • We Need to Talk About Kevin

    We Need to Talk About Kevin


    Yo, I can't wait to never have kids.