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  • Alpsee



    perfect encapsulation of adolescent queerness

  • Forbidden Letters

    Forbidden Letters


    adding this again bc presumably someone deleted it from tmdb for being porn. no clue when i watched it, but whatever, it was very good

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  • Song of Avignon

    Song of Avignon


    Nick Jonas > Jonas Mekas

    - sweet angel (presumably)
    - can sing, i don’t know how well
    - looks great in baseball pants
    - he and his wife are a cute couple
    - maybe can do a dance?
    - i’m gay

    - old
    - annoying voice (though he doesn’t narrate this)
    - dubious editing—very uneven in its successes
    - nice shots of water
    - uses sped-up motion of people which i unfailingly hate unless it’s meant to be funny which it unilaterally is
    - old

    case closed!! *eats gavel*

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    Ultimate Cut

    gods & masters, a flawed ideology eroded by a recognition of self in the Other--a surrogate mother saved at last (tears flood in). the axes of knowledge & power, corruption & good break down, an impossible justice rendered unto chaos, spangled across waves of digital smoke and electric heat. 

    not since Coppola's Youth Without Youth have i felt that a film demands to be rewatched such as this, but like that film as well, BvS aches with an endless sadness running…