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  • Still in Cosmos

    Still in Cosmos


    megalodon cinema;
    unlearning how to blink;
    the greatest short film i've ever had the privilege to see 

    for the past two years, the two filmmakers i've been most excited (i.e. desperate) to see work from have been Nathaniel Dorsky and Takashi Makino. earlier this month, i missed the chance to see Dorsky's Arboretum Cycle, and am still kicking myself for it. two nights ago, i stumbled across Makino's Still in Cosmos and was overjoyed to find something from…

  • Orgasamatic



    fun stuff

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  • Blackhat



    “Fabricated identity, and what’s really up, collapses into one frame.”
    --Det. Ricardo Tubbs, Miami Vice

    “Listen, we gotta grieve later, ok? We have to survive.”
    --Nicholas Hathaway, Blackhat

    boy, was I wrong about this one. Mann’s best work, bar none, and a definitive text of the 21st century.

    the film’s visual and narrative syntax embodies a globalization of the frame, wherein time and space are condensed to the split-second between one image and the next. Miami Vice gives its characters…

  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    Holy hell

    At least this has given me a solid three contenders for worst scene of the year? (Pie, kitchen destroyed, BEETHOVEN MONOLOGUE)

    Honestly how is anyone thinking this is good? There are several shots that are actually great. There are also several shots that are extremely bad and use horribly obvious visual metaphors that I hate. Every other shot is just bland. Bland movie. Bland Rooney. There are no actors or characters in this, but there is also no…