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  • Artemis' Knee

    Artemis' Knee


    at last, it all comes together (exactly what i wanted Dialogue of Shadows to be). can’t wait to rewatch this time and time again, as i’m already more than plenty aware that i’m likely underrating this. gorgeous and haunting, spirit moving in the wind through the trees—all the more devastating for its restraint. i know there aren’t many more Straub films like this, but at least i now have my entryway.

  • Dialogue of Shadows

    Dialogue of Shadows


    as per usual, i suppose, i find S-H’s brilliant formalism—here founded upon the simplicity of setting compositions off balance, lives distances by the image until that circle finally closes—immensely undercut by their insistence upon adapting what i find to be unendingly boring texts. conceptually, i’m almost always on board, but what’s especially stultifying here is the fact that this was probably the film of theirs i was most excited for (though i still have Le genou d’Artemide and Too Early/Too Late...). 

    nobody should have ever bothered bringing  text to screen after Duras transcended the medium.

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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    Ultimate Cut

    gods & masters, a flawed ideology eroded by a recognition of self in the Other--a surrogate mother saved at last (tears flood in). the axes of knowledge & power, corruption & good break down, an impossible justice rendered unto chaos, spangled across waves of digital smoke and electric heat. 

    not since Coppola's Youth Without Youth have i felt that a film demands to be rewatched such as this, but like that film as well, BvS aches with an endless sadness running…

  • Aliens



    this film is very bad and boring so here are the notes i started to take on my phone once i realized it wasn’t good they very quickly turn into me entertaining myself with extremely dumb jokes 

    - [ ] first time in a very long time that characters behaving stupidly has actually bothered me in a film 
    - [ ] i wasn’t expecting much in these departments, but i’m still pretty surprised at just how bad the dialogue and…