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  • Tom & Jerry

    Tom & Jerry


    Not Great. would have been better as fully animated maybe. oh and btw, Collin Jost cannot act to save his life.

  • My Zoe

    My Zoe


    Was like 2 different movies. First half I couldn't stand. I usually hate movies about divorces and fighting. They are all foolish normally. The second half was very intriguing. Maybe immoral but intriguing. Not the greatest story but watchable.

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  • Spy Intervention

    Spy Intervention

    Yikes. This was rough. "More Like James Bland". that joke didn't hit the first time, so they tried it a second time.

  • The Public

    The Public


    My thoughts: 
    A really slow burn. But not in a bad way. You may want to wait until Redbox but there was some pretty good writing in this. The story itself kinda stalled for me and it got a bit preachy at times. I didn’t care for the badmouthing of cops. We do need to take care of our homeless. Especially our veterans should never be in that situation. There are plenty of buildings that either lay dormant or get…