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  • The Wave

    The Wave


    I actually kind of liked this one. It was interesting from the beginning. I do have a few questions but overall it was a satisfying watch.

  • Manhunt




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  • The Public

    The Public


    My thoughts: 
    A really slow burn. But not in a bad way. You may want to wait until Redbox but there was some pretty good writing in this. The story itself kinda stalled for me and it got a bit preachy at times. I didn’t care for the badmouthing of cops. We do need to take care of our homeless. Especially our veterans should never be in that situation. There are plenty of buildings that either lay dormant or get…

  • Eye for an Eye

    Eye for an Eye


    Most of this movie is very dark and disturbing. Especially the end. It is very gritty.  I watched the dubbed version so it probably lost a bit of impact. It was strange seeing the live birth and because of that I have so many questions!!!