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  • The Hitman's Bodyguard

    The Hitman's Bodyguard


    These are just my quick thoughts. Check out for a full review written by Ryan McKenna.

    By 2017 standards, this movie is pretty shit. The plot, when it's not overcomplicating itself, is as generic as this genre can get. I have no idea how, but apparently there was an earlier version of the script that made it to the top of the 2011 Black List, which was supposed to be a drama. It was only recently that it was…

  • Brigsby Bear

    Brigsby Bear


    These are just my quick thoughts. Stay tuned later for DeVaughn Taylor's full review on

    Anyone who's either an aspiring filmmaker or simply a die hard fan of everything in the world of entertainment needs to rush out and see this film immediately! There are a lot of talented people who were brought onto this production, many of which come from the sketch comedy group Good Neighbor and are both current and former alumni of Saturday Night Live. The…

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  • The Gift

    The Gift


    Question: what attracts actors to the idea of directing? My theory is that they spend so much time in front of the camera that they start to develop a good sense of how to bring out the best performances in other actors! It's what makes movies directed by Woody Allen, Clint Eastwood and Ben Affleck so great, and hopefully the same can be said about the upcoming directing career of Joel Edgerton, so also wrote, produced and stars in The…

  • Logan Lucky

    Logan Lucky


    I have a hard time believing people in the entertainment industry who say they're retiring, only to return a few years later. This whole "boy who cried wolf" routine started back in 2003, when Jay-Z claimed he was retiring after The Black Album, then came back 3 years later with Kingdom Come. Jack Nicholson was supposed to be retired, until he signed on to the upcoming Hollywood remake of Toni Erdmann. Today sees the return of Steven Soderbergh to the…