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This review may contain spoilers.

Seeing this with a casual audience crowd is actually quite funny. Whenever that ending hit almost no one in the theatre knew what the fuck was going on. I'm not claiming that I have all the secrets, but sitting next to a man who missed the 10 minutes before the end and hearing him ask if he "walked into the wrong theatre" or something just fucking made my day.

Ok so to clarify, I don't think this film is flawless but I do think the attacks on the narrative aspect are out of subjective confusion rather than a deconstruction of the plot itself. For instance critiques on the cult and coincidences are not really based in fact necessarily. I have only seen this film two times so if it seems like I'm talking out of my ass I'm sorry I'm just really trying to justify a fantastic movie.

So unless you have not read anything about Hereditary the first thing most people say is about the acting and more specifically Toni Collete. Don't take me wrong I am not taking anything away from her dedication and skill, but I found Alex Wolff to be particularly engaging and he provides the movie with some of it's more intense moments.

I don't want to divulge into spoilers on part of because I went in blind and loved it so hopefully you will to, also I'm lazy and you can't discuss one spoiler without divulging into another. That being said the story is absolutely fantastic, weaving different themes together (however slightly unoriginal they are), while providing bone chilling motifs and red herrings (that might not actually be red herrings but they distract from the narrative so I'm going to count it as so).

There are some fantastic spoiler videos and breakdowns on youtube that really show how intricate yet simple the story really is. However if a dedicated film viewer pays attention and can pick up on different things then you should be able to grasp the whole concept of Hereditary.

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