Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★

Possibly the most interesting premise of the year, the problem is not as impenetrability, or strangeness of the work. The problem for me is that the movie falls slowly getting the monotony of the unexpected.
Honestly, I expected something much wilder, something that surprised and even impressed me ... like those first few minutes. Then you get used quickly even going to bore you. Although I confess that I have a problem with movies of chapters (though this is not exactly that), even with Buñuel ones.
As a test of the performance or be yourself and live as hundreds different about living in nothingness and enslaved, is interesting, but sadly falls short of what could have been in global
On the other hand, I read hundreds of the movie related adjectives: madness, infatuation, sickly, feverish ... I think it's exaggeration, or I'm too cold.
Anyway for it´s brave proposal deserves a rewatch.