Satantango ★★★★

I feel like I'm blaspheming by only giving this four stars since practically everyone I follow and those who follow me have praised this film as among the best films they've ever seen. I will without a doubt lose what little credibility my opinion holds after this, but let me first say I can without a doubt understand why this film is so beloved. You might expect me to tell you I found Béla Tarr's style abrasive, when in fact the opposite is true. I actually really enjoyed the long, slow methodical takes. The atmosphere Tarr's style manages to create is truly one of a kind. In fact I was never bored and thoroughly intrigued throughout the entire film's runtime. I can honestly only remember one scene where I thought something akin to "yeah ok Tarr, you can cut now". My inability to fully connect to the film comes instead from the characters and story itself. First of I want to establish that this is by no way a critique of Krasznahorkai's and Tarr's writing, but merely a lack of full investment on my side. I definitely did enjoy these elements too, I just wasn't as blown away by them as most people seem to have been. I totally get what the writing pair are going for with the story and I really liked the metaphorical nature of it, but unfortunately I wasn't as intrigued as I had hoped for. Like I said, I definitely think it's a good film and I will assuredly rewatch this film with an open mind and who knows, I might find the missing connection.

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