Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust ★★★★½

No need to waste time talking about the court events following its release, Cannibal Holocaust caused great scandal and was deservedly part of the Video Nasty list (I say this as value, not defect), and it still manages to be controversial nowadays.
I find it a priceless experience every time I watch it, it always manages to engage me like the first time I saw it as a (more susceptible) teen, and most importantly, it makes me think not only about the first layer of meaning (who are the real cannibals? Primitive tribes or us?) but also upon the criticism towards a spoiled white young generation ready to betray civilisation's principles; the loss of humanity when no laws or controls are in place; desensitisation towards horror when exposed to the abuses of war; the lust for fame and money at the expense of the weakest. All of this escorted by a perfect editing and great score by Riz Ortolani.
Dragged down of half a star for animal cruelty, especially for the final closing line that wasn't needed at all: the movie itself is a clear and straightforward allegory of cannibalism in modern society. That "I wonder who the real cannibals are", said Professor Monroe at the conclusion, shows a lack of confidence in the powerful message that the film delivers in the former 90 minutes.
Deodato was so close to making a masterpiece, but he realised a cult for sure.

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