Shame ★★★½

Midnight Society Roulette #1: Heath

"I think you're a fascinating creature. I'd love to see you again."

It took me a while to really get into it because while Fassbender is a great actor his character is pretty deadpan and not very interesting for about the first half of the film. When Nicole Beharie's character comes in the film began to draw me in properly. That first dinner scene between Fassbender and Beharie was probably my favorite scene too. Very organic and engaging. The first time the main characters began to breathe for me.

Like McQueen's Hunger this film is shot very well too. The visuals definitely helped with some of the more drab moments. All in all, though I enjoyed this quite a lot even if not as much as Hunger.
I feel like the characters aren't necessarily interesting enough last throughout the entire runtime with the rather slow pacing. It has a few scenes that go on too long. But it's good enough to work fairly well.
It's in a way a more subtle and better written Don Jon.