Eternals ★★★½

I want to start saying that this film is overhated. It is not top-tier marvel, but it is not as bad as people are saying it is. I personally enjoyed it.
Costumes, production design, visual and special effects. On a technical level it is a work to be admired. Chloé Zhao does a great job. A totally different movie than the one we are used to seeing from Marvel. It is ´fresh´ but that does not remove the fact that it does have its cliché scenes. I found similiarities with "invincible" the Amazon Prime serie (you should really check it out)
Also, the humourous references and the easter eggs were things that kept me captivated during the film, but it got to a point where they overxploited the two resources I just mentioned.
In short, I will not deny it, I thought it would be boring (especially when I found out that it would last 2 hours and a half) and I had also been blindly carried away by the current bombing of bad reviews from critics. But no, it has a pretty good balance between small dramas and action, it has a remarkable visual and special effects and a good pacing. I do not think its even close to say it is the worst Marvel film, cause it is not.

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