Tenet ½

After thinking about it more, I slowly started to realize that this is one of the most pretentious and hollow movies I have ever seen. This movie thinks it is so thought provoking and ambitious that it doesn’t even realize that it is not any of those things and is a overall worthless experience. I couldn’t even enjoy the action scenes because of the bad directing, horrible editing, and lack of tension due to not caring about a single character. I seriously have no idea who any of these really are because all this movie cares about is exposition which covers almost all the dialogue. The sound mixing is some of the worst sound design I have ever seen in a movie which plays over a lot of the dialogue so it makes it very hard to hear what they are saying and I’m just left so utterly confused as to what’s actually happening. I’m okay with this movie being ambiguous but the problem is that it can’t make up its mind about what it wants to be and decides to be both ambiguous and it also wants have exposition in almost every scene. This movie is also way too long and it ends up feeling like a 3 hour movie because of how dull and lifeless it is, the actors really try but because the material they are given is shit they aren’t given anything to really give out a great performance so the acting is either wooden or overacted, and the characters are barely given any development and if they are given development it is so one note and bland that it does nothing to make me care. At best, this is a bland and forgettable movie, but at worst it is one of the most of the most hollow and pretentious experiences I have ever had. Now I just want to say that if you like this movie that is perfectly okay and this is just my opinion, however for me this movie singlehandedly ruined my desire to watch any movie that Christopher Nolan makes in the future. The only way I’ll watch his next movie is if it gets praised by nearly everyone like The Dark Knight, but aside from that I’m not watching anymore movies he makes in the future.

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