Dune ★★★★

I just folded space from Ix and boy are my tumorous gills tired!

The David Lunch version surpasses the Dennis Villanova version is these aspects:
-Harkonnens are genuinely disgusting and terrifying pedophiles
-The Stage 3 Guild Navigator
-Jurgen Prochnow and the rest of House Atreides carry a generally more aristocratic fascist vibe that feels more in line with who they are
-The worms give off huge arcs of static electricity, awesome
-General atmosphere of psychedelic jihad

I will give the edge to this recent adaption in terms of:
-The Fremen are slightly more intimidating than mall security guards. Bardem a way cooler Stilgar than Everett McGill.
-Thopters, spaceships, vehicles, technology all cooler.
-Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica was a better weirding woman.
-Overall, it doesn't suffer from having to cram one half of the book into about 30 minutes, BUT by only doing the first half of the book, Villanova's suffers from not really being a "movie" as such, but one half of one. It's a problem that's not resolvable for either one absent the freedom to make a four hour movie like Shai-Hulud intended.

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