Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★★★

The price of true prophecy is madness and catastrophe. This film is prophecy. A movie within a movie within a movie that we are all inside of dreaming of one another simultaneously. The single greatest Philip K Dick adaptation that's not based on any of his books. A radiant mess the director flew too close to and was cast down back to Earth for. The drug-induced, death dream of a Fallujah-scarred veteran that conjured the world we are living in today. Friendly fire, friendly fire, friendly fire.

The resurgence of Marx and the Antichrist, the merging of celebrity and pornography, an omnipresent bipolar surveillance state comprised of both shady government agencies and 24/7 personal streaming, racist police murders on viral video, well meaning but thoroughly incompetent rose emoji types, fireworks, Cheetos, Sarah Palin, War in Syria, and Wallace Shawn's appearance on the podcast Chapo Trap House, these are but a few features of our current reality this film channels with mythic resonance.

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