The Shining

The Shining ★★★★★

Saw this one in the theater last night, great experience. Underrated how funny this movie is. For half the movie, Nicholson is in full bozo mode (TM LexG), having more fun as an actor than anyone is ever allowed to in a Kubrick film. This movie is about a guy who takes a job after they tell him "the last guy who did this killed his family" and then he tells himself "I'm not going to kill my family" over and over again until they annoy him like once or twice and he's like "yeah, I'm thinking I'm killing my family." Like all Kubrick movies, it hints at the deep Satanic evil at the heart of America--"four presidents have stayed here!"--but most essentially it is a pitch black satire of middle class morality, family and marriage and the boundless ego of writers and artists.