Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

I just realized, a full week after having watched this film, that I hadn’t logged it, since I haven’t thought about it since I watched it. Army of the Dead can be entertaining at times, but it’s overdrawn, featuring characters that I couldn’t connect to, so it became difficult to genuinely want to continue watching the film. There are some cool zombie effects, and I appreciate that they were trying to do something new with the genre, but when the zombies are the most interesting aspect of the film, there’s a problem. It’s interesting to watch, since it doesn’t feel like a typical Zack Snyder film, which I guess is why it’s ended up becoming so popular. But for me, it feels like you could have tacked on any other director’s name and I would have believed that it came from them.

Army of the Dead isn’t a bad movie whatsoever, there’s just some aspects of it that I wasn’t a fan of. I was surprised to see how long the film was, and disappointed to see that the runtime wasn’t justified. They easily could have put this at an 100 minutes and achieved the same thing as the 150 minutes this cut is. I still would love to watch it with some friends, maybe seeing it with other people and having their energy might make it a more enjoyable film. I’m just a bit disappointed that I didn’t enjoy this as much as I was hoping I would.

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