• You're Next

    You're Next


    Finally rated this the 5 stars that it deserves. You’re Next is such a fun film, and still feels fresh, even a decade after it’s release. Showed it to the roomies, and had so much fun doing so!

  • The Deep House

    The Deep House


    Unsettling to its core, and completely unique. I wasn’t a terribly big fan of the film after I watched it, but after giving it some time, it’s really starting to grow on me. There’s some truly unsettling moments, and the concept is so bonkers that it makes for a really fun watch. It’s one that I would love to show to my roommates and boyfriend, since it’s such a unique concept.

  • Knocking



    Knocking is an interesting film as a whole, with a solid performance from Cecilia Milocco, but unfortunately fails to engage enough to truly be something worthwhile. The general plot of the film was interesting and kept me wanting to watch to see what the conclusion was going to be, but the film felt a bit disjointed, completely taking you out of scenes at times, which made the film feel like a jumbled mess at times. There’s some solid direction here,…

  • The Card Counter

    The Card Counter


    Cold and clinical would be the best way to describe The Card Counter. It’s a unique world, filled with an array of intriguing characters, with motivations that really pushed the film into interesting territory. It’s a clean film, with little room for interpretation, laying the facts out on the floor and letting you watch. Paul Schrader is such an interesting filmmaker, someone who I have grown very fond of within the last few years. This is yet another great film…

  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci


    An impressive cast and seasoned director couldn’t help House of Gucci from going under. It’s a bloated film, with some pretty good performances, but many that seem to just fall flat. It far extends its welcome, with the 158 minute runtime seeming to slow by the hour. Lady Gaga has an electric performance, but like many others have said, it doesn’t seem to quite fit with the rest of the film. Surprisingly, Jared Leto ended up being the standout among…

  • Benedetta



    Paul Verhoeven’s latest dives deep into the heart of sexual repression and Catholicism, while staying true to being a wholly Verhoeven feature. Seeming to have its foot fully pushed on the gas pedal, Benedetta ended up being one of the most fun films that I’ve seen this year. It’s campy as hell, with some stunning performances from Virginie Efira and Daphne Patakia, but the real show-stopper is Charlotte Rampling. It’s a film with nuances, going deep into the relationship between…

  • Pig



    Meditative and haunting. A soul-bearing performance from Cage. Easily one of the best performances of the year. I’m left a bit stunned after finishing this, and it’ll take some time to gather all of my thoughts on this film. But I am very, very happy that I finally was able to get to this one - it’s truly worth the watch.

  • Willow Creek

    Willow Creek


    Not as lean and memorable as I recall, but manages to make one hell of a final act out of very little. Still an enjoyable watch in the end.

  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving


    Not my favorite special to watch, but still something that’s starting to become traction. Fun to show to my roomie!

  • Garfield's Thanksgiving

    Garfield's Thanksgiving


    Yet another holiday tradition, and so much funnier than I remember it being. Who would’ve thought there would be an Orson Welles joke in a Garfield special 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Unknown Dimension: The Story of Paranormal Activity

    Unknown Dimension: The Story of Paranormal Activity


    I actually found Unknown Dimension to be a lot more informative than I was anticipating it to be. Diving into the origins of the Paranormal Activity franchise, we get to see unseen footage of the making of the entire franchise, and given a peek behind the curtains at Paramount and how they wanted the franchise to go. While the films themselves lately haven’t been anything to write home about, it’s still very interesting to see how the filmmakers have been trying to build the lore and keep the franchise interesting.

  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    I remember attempting to watch this film on a Christmas a few years ago, and couldn’t get through the first 15 minutes. Looking back, I really wish that I would have given this film a chance, since it is nothing short of a slasher masterpiece. Paving the way for the genre, we start to see the origins of many of the tropes that are featured, with some unforgettable moments and kills. It’s a Christmas film like no other, and I’m…