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  • Predator


    Really guys? You're into this G.I. Joe bullshit?

  • Beloved


    Let's consider Oprah as an actress for a second. Something about her face, and her eyes, communicates history, pain, and sorrow so effectively in this movie. Her casting here is justified beyond this being a passion project for her.

    Listen, I have questions and doubts, but this is a unique and bold movie for sure.

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  • Carol


    This is the first time I've cried during a sex scene... I mean... the way... and... the use of glass surfaces... and Cate Blanchett... and... and the last scene... yeah...

  • War for the Planet of the Apes

    War for the Planet of the Apes

    I haven't hated a movie quite this much in a long time. This is unbearably dour, grim, self-serious. This is supposed to be a summer movie? It's like watching Schindler's List starring a bunch of apes. Don't mistake joylessness for relevance. Don't mistake seriousness for having something to say. This is the opposite of good cinema. Repugnant.

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