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  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    a film comprised of epic twitter owns and tumblr ready quotables, one that’s not interested in the real world engagements between victims and their oppressors as much as it is engaged in the vox thinkpiece idea of nice guys and their relationships with women. how are you gonna pride yourself on being the honest, brutal depiction of rape when you refuse to engage with the complicated, unclear realities of trauma? awful. genuinely evil ending, have rarely soured on a film this hard. can’t believe this is a best picture nominee

  • Here’s What We Missed On Glee - MicTheSnare

    Here’s What We Missed On Glee - MicTheSnare


    literally added this to TMDB just so i could log it on here, the ultimate document for what Glee was as a show and the impact it had on modern culture. i’ve watched it at least six times and each time is still kicks ass. unironically one of the best, most endearing pieces of content to arise from youtube from the past five years. Mic The Snare is ELITE

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  • WandaVision



    Marvel bravely asks the question, “what if a tv show got progressively more boring with each new episode”

  • Adaptation.



    kaufman’s the only motherfucker who can turn writers block into a script, dramatize it, make fun of the fact he dramatized it, criticize himself, include meta-contextual commentary on the state of screenwriting in Hollywood all while being insanely hilarious and engaging all in one script