A Ghost Story ★★

This will be one of my more controversial reviews to date, but I want to put my thoughts out there.

I was supposed to have felt emotion, power, and insightful thought watching this film. What I felt was boredom. It gets better towards the end, but my god do we really need long, overdone shots for everything. I get it, he's dead and under a white sheet. We get it, she's eating pie. We get it, we get it. Having things so drawn out doesn't make this film better. And when boredom is over, oh you better get ready for a pretentious, clumsy attempt of saying life moves on after death. The scene with the hipster dude going on a rant about how the universe will die and how we're all gonna be forgotten had no purpose. There are so many things I could have done with my spare time over watching this pile of boring garbage.

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