It ★★★

there’s a certain integrity in the book, at least for me, that’s lost in translation along the way here. there’s obvious stuff in the book that cannot be translated here, but translating this story into a straightforward start to finish story messes with how the book tends to interact with characters. how people’s pasts collide with their current being, how trauma can affect the mind of children. the things the children are scared of here seem to be written off more as gimmicks for Pennywise to exploit rather than character traits that are fundamentally built into their psychosis. i really want Chapter Two to dive into more adult material, and i’m expecting to like it more given the cast (Xavier Dolan babbbbeeyyy.) especially since i thought some of the acting here was wonky, especially from Finn Wolfhard who i don’t normally like. generic and forgettable, yet fun. bound to end up as a family horror classic, like stranger things, which i also think is outlandishly overrated but similarly fun in a way. wish i got more out of this. alas.

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