Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★★★★

i know a girl, for the sake of the review i’ll just call her Jane Doe, who Alana reminds me a lot of. somewhere in her early 20s, constantly floating through phases of life because she doesn’t know where to go or what to do, and somehow entangled with a dipshit kid, me. i was never in love with her and she was never in love with me but i loved her as a friend, i like to think she felt the same, and this is maybe the first film i’ve ever seen that strikes me as if it could’ve been about us

i’m not some suave businessman/actor wise beyond his years but Jane always told me i’d be big, i’d forget her, i’d be too lost in the spotlight to remember her. i haven’t gotten there yet, despite her insistence, but i know even if i get there she won’t be right. we fought a lot, periods of months where we didn’t talk happened, but i always found my way back to her and she always found her way back to me. going between majors and jobs like it was a sport was her game, waiting to be an adult was mine

we didn’t have crazy adventures, we had nights out at the movies. we never became partners in business, i became her wingman when she found a guy she liked. she never sought out acting and politics, she sought out photography and health. i never sold waterbeds, i drove myself insane with alcohol far too young. it isn’t a 1:1, but i don’t think it matters

i’m not gonna pretend like i’m some expert on our dynamic, not gonna pretend like i know how she works, and at some point we fought and she never came back, but every time Alana and Gary fight, every time they laugh, every time they look at each other, every time they run to each other, i see her. i don’t think this is a flawless film, but if only that it reminds me of her, of that period where we changed each other’s lives, it’s perfect to me. i hope she’s doing okay

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