My Own Private Idaho

My Own Private Idaho ★★★★★

criterion package came in the mail and i decided to start out the rewatches with this. undoubtedly Van Sants best. it’s always stunning to me, the mistiness of it all. keanu and rivers dreamy performances, the floaty cinematography, and Van Sants emotionally keen writing combines into something so emotionally entrancing. something that i hold very close to me, and have held very close to me for a good number of years. this was a key film in the early stages of my sexual discovery, in the period of time where i was starting to discover my own identity. i love this film for helping me through it, and i don’t think it could be any better than this. 

also seriously heartbreaking in the context of Rivers death three or so years after this came out. i teared up a bit thinking about it during the film, even before some of the big scenes. wherever he is, whatever he’s doing, i hope he’s having a nice day. may he rest in peace.

“I just really wanna kiss you, man.”

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