Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

honestly wouldn’t be mad if this was Tarantino’s last film. a swan song to an era gone by, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is a steadfast reflection on Tarantinos legacy, Tinseltown, and the art of making movies. pitt and dicaprio light up the screen, it’s funny as hell, and its his most empathetic and emotional effort to date. a much warmer film than i had anticipated, it brings forth this laid back hangout vibe that many won’t like, but one that i dug a lot. it’s refreshing to see this more open tarantino, where he spends his time with us wondering where it all went by. i absolutely love it. cause even when he’s in this mode he never lets down his natural filmmaking instincts, he’s always on the top of his game. it’s shot gorgeously, the dynamics between characters is great, and the aesthetic is *chefs kiss* baby. this is his legacy piece, the ultimate culmination of everything he’s made before. it’s his portrayal of the Hollywood we dream of, injected with the violence that seems to lie at the heart of it. this came close to being a 10/10 straight out of the gate. i was so immensely awed by this film that the first thing i did walking out was buy a ticket to see it again tomorrow. easily my favorite of the year, and up with Tarantinos very best

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