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this will not be like a normal review 

5:30 PM

i’ve just bought tickets for a showing in about 2 hours. i’ve been teasing my friend Alex with this for about a month now. i’ve called it the “mystery movie” cause i’ve teased him with that we’d see a movie but he didn’t know what it was until we’ve seen it. he just bought tickets and he knows nothing about it. here we go 

6:48 PM

we had some trouble getting in without IDs but we're in. the show is in 30 minutes and i’ve made sure he knows nothing about the movie. he doesn’t. he’s seen snowpiercer but no other Bong movies. we have seats in the back row, as Bong intended. here we go.

9:52 PM

he laughed. a lot. he leaned forward in his seat from about 20 minutes in until the final shot. gasps, mouths agape, and silence out of the theatre. from the moment we walked out of the theatre to the moment he got to his car there was silence. he got to his door and he looked at me with a smile and said “holy shit” before gushing to me. “that movie was so fucking good,” he says jumping excitedly. “i need time to revel in this.” hes smiling with a smile i’ve rarely seen from him if i’ve ever seen it from him. we part our ways. he’s texted me just now in fact with this: “i haven’t seen a movie that good in years. thank you.” the reactions i saw from him in the film are among the most visceral i’ve seen from him ever. i’ve never seen him that tense, that engaged, that willing to sit there and take it all in ever. i can vouch, this is better in a theatre than it is on a TV. still the best film of the year. so, thanks bong. thanks for giving this to us


7:45 AM

“It was funny, tense, and heartbreaking all in one the story was amazing omg I can’t say enough about it”

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