The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) ★★★★

it’s been said before that this film’s writing holds a lot of influence from Baumbachs films with Gerwig, and i agree, but there are some key differences that really put this above those. i have some huge issues with how Greta Gerwig writes insufferable and twee characters off as quirky and cool (my thoughts on Frances Ha here and a better review by Adam Cook to further explain my deep issues with her writing) despite being anything but. but removed from the characters, Gerwigs writing and it’s consistent humane wit sometimes has its moments, and can really win me over. Baumbach has taken that very humane nature she employs, and drops the annoying character writing in favor of deeply flawed people who are recognized as deeply flawed, which works a wonderful spell.

The Meyerowitz Stories is his best film for me, a genuine and moving portrait of the mistakes that we inherit from our parents. in a world that’s consistently on fire, it’s nice to be reminded to be reminded so genuinely that we all make mistakes, and that we all move on from them. stiller and sandler bring out career best performances, it moves with a simple and understated yet undeniably beautiful nature, and it has a realistic but lush visual palette that add up to an experience Netflix, or anyone really, hasnt captured so exquisitely since. i really hope that he’s able to keep up work like this in his new film.