Upstream Color ★★★★★

probably my choice for film of the decade. this is fucking brilliant and enormously striking in its own methodically mysterious nature. almost a complete turn around from the similarly brilliant Primer, but one that works in every favor for this film. a puzzle of intricate layers, waiting to be deciphered at every turn, backed by a unique philosophical nature that enters every frame. one of the loveliest, most romantic films of recent memory without being in your face about it. its in the blood of the film without it always being on screen, as if it’s injected into the very celluloid of the reel. it seems like the closer you get to the core of this film, the more Carruth himself seems to unfold. the key to him is at the center of this film. this is his rosetta stone. even beyond it’s befuddlingly brilliant nature, the GH2 camera and its way of capturing the white of the environments, shane and amy’s showstopping performances, and a soundtrack to put Reznor and Ross to shame, this is a stone cold masterpiece. shane carruth is a fucking genius.