Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust ★★★



Ahh a movie that will surely keep people away from you if you want to scare them off.

How the f*ck can I even review this movie?  Lol seriously, I was scratching my head the whole time “how in holy sh*t can I write this out? Or even vouch for it?”.
Well, in a haze of feeling disgusted, nauseous, perplexed, and feeling like I was going to puke (the infamous sadistic turtle scene), I still kept moving through the movie despite the discomfort.

Now, I’m not a vegetarian, but the animal cruelty really is as f*cked up as they say and there’s a heavy sense of guilt for even watching it.
I had seen the censored version many years ago, now they released the uncut version…two different worlds entirely.
On one hand, I see what the director (I think?) was going for: “who’s the REAL savages?  Cannibalistic tribes in the green inferno?  Or a bunch of sadistic pieces of crap from the regular world there to mess with them?”.
Yes, the doc crew that was cannibalized, we get
to see what they did after finding their lost footage, I was pretty satisfied seeing them get their’s.  I mean, they were really asking for it, and truly pure evil to these people.  And I mean this doc crew is depraved.  
It poses the question “what came first?  Were the tribes cannibals first?  Or resorted to it to exact revenge on these people for pillaging them?”.

But then there’s the racism factor, yeah, it’s strong in this one.  The way the tribes were depicted, etc.
It’s an exploitation of almost every exploitation:
Racism’sploitation, Rape’sploitation, Gore’sploitation, and on and on, and the fact live animals were killed in the process really makes you feel uneasy, and not in a good way.
PS-the sound score is amazing though. 

I don’t know what to say about this one except, go in knowing damn well you’re about to see some pretty horrific sh*t.  I gave it three stars because of the *fake gore, sound score, and there IS a message hidden in this movie…somewhere,  and the fact it unknowingly created the “found footage” genre.  I’m not recommending this movie, but if you choose to see, seriously, proceed with caution. 

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