Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★★★½

Yet another after I watched “The Fourth Kind”, “mockumentary” styled horror.

Now this one…I found to be pretty unsettling.
The people being interviewed over a teenage girl named “Alice” who is deceased under strange circumstances, from her parents, friends, etc, truly feels like real true crime interviews.
You could put it on in front of a seasoned true crime watcher and 9/10 times they’ll think it’s real.

Such as, they look like they are containing their emotions for the cameras with teary eyes, nervous laughter, the actors being interviewed made this movie.  They acted like real life victims without overacting. 

All I can say without entering spoiler territory,
Alice immediately goes missing in the first scene, her body is found bloated in Lake Mungo, Australia (also very graphic and eerie),
And the family wants answers.
Ranging from supernatural to…other even more unsettling things.

I say unsettling because it’s not so much creepy as it is: the vibe.

I only took a half of a star off because it’s a bit too long.

But want to feel a creepy vibe movie this October countdown? 
Add “Lake Mungo”. 

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