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  • National Lampoon's European Vacation

    National Lampoon's European Vacation


    The second movie in the Vacation franchise is BAD! It is not funny at all. Chevy Chase returns as everybody's favorite dumb dad, Clark but this time around there is not much fun to be had. Movie is a series of skits that never land. This was like watching a horrible episode of Saturday Night Live. Saw it in theaters, back in the day....did not like it then....and do not like it now. And I call myself a Chevy Chase fan!

    Ranked 7th of 36 movies on our Chevy Chase Movie Ranking Page.

  • Borg vs McEnroe

    Borg vs McEnroe


    OMG! A Shia LaBeouf movie that I actually enjoyed. He plays John McEnroe while Sverrir Gudmason plays Bjorn Borg. Both are very believable in their roles. The tennis action is filmed in a manner that you never really see the actors playing tennis....that was a little disappointing...but their performances are incredible. Movie made me believe I was watching the real tennis players in their off the court lives. Tennis fans will love this fans will love this movie. Check it out.

    Ranked 15th of 23 movies on our Shia LaBeouf Movie Ranking Page.

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  • The Wolf of Wall Street

    The Wolf of Wall Street


    Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio). Movie depicts his rise and fall in the powerful world of Wall Street. Be prepared to go one one crazy and mind boggling ride. The life of Jordan is filled with drugs, crime, sex and most importantly greed. He makes Michael Douglas' Gordon Gekko from Wall Street look like a saint.

    The performances in this movie are very impressive. DiCaprio's performance will be remembered for a very long time...I used…

  • Predator



    I have watched Predator many many times. I have seen it in theaters. I have seen it on VHS. I have seen it on laserdisc. I have seen it on DVD. I have seen it on Blu-Ray. I now have seen it in 3D...damn I sound like Dr. Seuss.

    As for the movie....this is one of the greatest action movies ever...right there with the original Die Hard movie! Arnold Schwarzenegger and his buddies go into the jungle for a rescue…