Charlie Countryman ★★★½

I was prepared to really not like this movie. On my Shia LaBeouf page this movie is the lowest ranked movie according to my Cogerson Movie Score....and is his 2nd lowest rated movie according to critics and audiences. But much to my surprise.....I actually liked this one.

When Shia LaBeouf's mother passes away....her final advice to him is for him to go to Bucharest, Romania. Once in Bucharest he falls in love with Evan Rachel Wood who is in the middle of a very difficult situation with her estranged husband, Mads Mikkelsen. Shia also befriends Rupret Grint who plays a wanna be porn star.

The performances in this movie make the movie work. Mikkelsen has always played bad guys very well....and in this one he does it again. His character is not somebody you would want to make mad...or owe a favor to. Grint in a very small role is fun to watch....his Harry Potter fans might be shocked by this wild role. I have never been much of a LaBeouf or Wood fan....but both do very well in this movie.

Final thought: I liked this movie....that being said...I can see why some people might not like this movie. Wow I can not believe I found a LaBeouf movie that I liked. This one is ranked 18th of 18 movies on my Shia LaBeouf Cogerson Movie Score table.

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