Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★

I just revisited Django Unchained for the first time since I saw it in theaters at the end of 2012. A quick thought on Quentin and his movies....Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are all-time favorites....Four Rooms is horrible, Jackie Brown was ok, I did not like the Kill Bill movies, I was disappointed in Death Proof and thought Inglourious Basterds was good but not great. Which gets us to Django Unchained.

The positives: QT's screenplay is his best since Pulp Fiction....and he got his 2nd Oscar for this screenplay. The actors are awesome. Thumbs up to Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz. I have seen 1000s of western movies...this movie manages to make it seem like I was watching a western for the very first time. The music is perfect for the movie....I wonder how long it takes for Quentin to pick the music?

The negatives: Movie length....I remember when I saw the movie in the theater that I checked my watch a few times as I wondered when the movie was going to be over. At the 135 minute mark it seems like things are about to wrap up....but there is still over a half hour to go. Unnecessary gore. I can handle blood...but during some of the gunfights it seems the movie is more interested in showing off their blood gushing skills rather than having solid action scenes.

Not sure how Christoph Waltz made it into the Best Supporting Oscar race...I think he has the biggest role in the movie. Don't get me wrong he is awesome in the movie.... but it seems he should have been in the Best Actor race. I think him moving into the wrong category...kept Samuel L. Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio from getting some Oscar love. Speaking of Leonardo...give the man an Oscar....only Tom Hanks can match him when looking at box office and award glory.

Final thought: This is now my 3rd favorite QT movie. Falls short of Pulp Fiction greatness but is a very good movie....and one that should get better as time passes. Ranked 3rd on my Quentin Tarantino Cogerson Movie Score table.

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