Flawless ★★★

Why I watched this one? Seeing Oscar winners...Robert DeNiro and Phillip Seymour Hoffman acting together. Plus I have now seen 70 DeNiro movies.

What is this one about? DeNiro is a cop. Hoffman is a female impersonator. When DeNiro suffers a stroke....he turns to Hoffman in an effort to help his recovery.

My thoughts on this one? Hoffman is outstanding....but seeing him as a drag queen is not how I want to really remember this late great actor. As for DeNiro...I realize his character was struggling to speak....but I could barely understand his mumbles. The movie can not seem to make up its mind....is it a comedy?....a drama?.....or an action movie? Final thought: Seeing DeNiro and Hoffman together is fun....but overall the movie was disappointing to me.

Ranked 70th of 86 DeNiro movies on my Robert DeNiro Cogerson Movie Score table. cogersonmoviescore.com/robert-deniro-movies-best-worst-box-office-gross.html

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