Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★

I have seen every David Lynch directed movie. In most cases his movies drive me crazy....normally when the end credits roll on a Lynch are left scratching your head...and asking "What the hell was that all about?". Recently I came across David Lynch's 10 Clues to Unlock the Mystery of Mulholland Drive. So last night...I printed up the clues.....grabbed a notebook and my favorite pen....grabbed the remote control and went to study the movie. I say "study" because it certainly did not feel like I was watching a movie for enjoyment. I actually watched the scenes that had the Lynch clues in them...frame by frame. Two things occured to me while doing this....(1) This is too damn much work for a movie and (2) The plot in this one makes the plot in Inception look simple.

For those that do not know...Mulholland Drive is a movie that looks at two actresses (Naomi Watts and Laura Harring) who get involved in a mystery that runs through the back lots of Hollywood. The first 3/4 of the movie SEEMS to be pretty easy to understand....the last quarter of the movie turns the world we have been watching completely on its head. Watts is outstanding in this movie....Lynch deservedly got an Oscar nomination for Best Director for this one. Movie throws out so many strange characters, strange objects and strange situations that it will make your head hurt...but it is done in a very entertaining way.

This is a well made movie...that is entertaining for first time viewers....but even more entertaining on repeat viewings. So did the clues help me unlock the mystery of Mulholland Drive? I feel good about my new understanding of the movie....I have my idea at the bottom of the review. For those interested in the clues...follow this link.

SPOILER SPOILER maybe? After many viewings and much internet research. This is what I think about the movie. I think the entire movie is from Aunt Ruth's eyes. Assuming that Aunt Ruth was 70 when the movie was made (2001)...I think she won the jitterbug dance contest in the 1950s....traveled to Hollywood with her dream fully intact.....over the years that dream was crushed and buried through bad heartbreaking relationships and the fact that she was not good enough to become a star....instead she became a drug addict and murderer. In 2001 she is remembering the events that happened in the a favorable light (she has turned her story into a movie in her head and she is the hero).....but the truth keeps creeping in...she realizes she was not the hero at all...but was instead the villain in the movie. The fact that the story is told from an older women explains why the movie always seems to be taken place in a strange time period....because she is getting the story mixed up with how things used to be in the 1950s ...with how they are in 2001.

The last word in the movie is "Silencio" spoken by a very old me that is Aunt Ruth trying to silence the fact that she was the villain and not the hero of the movie in her head. I of course could be 100% wrong....but I like my theory...and I am sticking to it.

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