Paranormal Activity 3 ★★½

This chapter of the series goes back in time to visit 1988. In the previous two chapters...Katie and Kristi both talked about the time funny stuff happened when they were younger. So this chapter let's us see for ourselves what happened.

Toby the ghost is hard at work in this chapter. He likes playing tricks on the mom, the sisters, the step dad, and the baby sitter. Doors open....lights fall.....everything you would expect in a Paranormal Activity movie. The cover of the DVD says the last 15 minutes of the movie will "mess you up for life". Mmmmmm not sure about that....I don't feel anymore messed up after watching the movie. Confused for sure. The movie makers seem to be following the blue print of the tv show Lost.....answer one question...but then make sure the viewers have more questions that will never be answered.

Final thought: I liked the idea of going back to their childhood....but the rest of the movie was same old same thing. I enjoyed this one more than part 2 but not more than part 1. It is way better than part 5 (I know I watched them in the wrong order) I move on to part 4.

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