Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★

Why I watched this one? Wanted to know if this was as bad as critics said or as good as D.C. fans claimed.

What is this one about? A group of criminals are tasked to help solve a crisis that might end civilization.

My thoughts on this one? I was not too impressed with this one. Movie tried to jam too much information into the movie. A couple of characters are interesting but the rest of the crew is very forgettable. The villain is average at best. The Joker has nothing to do with the movie. The fact that most of the movie takes place in one night makes it hard to believe that these harden criminals would form a loyal group so quickly. A little lighter than other D.C. movies....but still a gloomy movie to watch. Final thought: Another DC misfire.

Ranked 17th of 173 movies on my 2016 Movie Ranking Page.

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