• Free Guy

    Free Guy


    Re-watched this one with my wife. I enjoyed it more this time around. One of Ryan Reynolds' better performances. Looking forward to the sequel.

  • Censor


    This movie has some great reviews. Maybe knowing that made my expectations too high for this one. I mean I did find it interesting and it kept me engaged for awhile. Sadly as the movie moves into the second half the wheels fell off for me. I know others love the second half, but I grew tired trying to figure out what was real and was in the imagination of our heroine. Final thought: I did not like it, but maybe I am too dumb to understand it.

  • The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2

    The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2

    I really did not like the first Meet The Blacks. So when I say I liked this one more, that is not really saying anything. Although better than the original this is also a pretty bad movie. I did not find the humor very funny. The story is all over the place. This is a bad movie....BUT...I do acknowledge it is better than the first one.

  • Spirit Untamed

    Spirit Untamed

    I was not too impressed with this one. The animation was fine. The story was on the weak side. Watched this with my young ones and they grew bored with it.....that is not a good sign for a kid's movie. A movie that I found pretty forgettable.

  • Here Today

    Here Today


    Billy Crystal wrote, directed and starred in this one. Crystal plays a famous writer struggling with a disease. Tiffany Haddish arrives on the scene to help him out. While some of the scenes have been many times before and the big secret of the movie does not seem that big...I really enjoyed this one. Seeing Crystal and Haddish interact was fun to watch. I will even admit to tearing up at the end. Final thought: Better than I thought it would be.

  • Silo



    Silo accidents are actually pretty common. This movie shows how these accidents can easily happen and how there are procedures that are followed when an accident happens. When the story takes place in the silo, this is a pretty intense movie. The movie struggles when the "plot" outside the silo takes over. Final thought: Despite some issues this one was a pretty good movie.

  • House of Quarantine

    House of Quarantine

    I think this was billed as the first CoVid19 movie. In this one, a low budget film company gets stuck in a house as lockdowns begin. The acting in this one is pretty uneven. The plot twists do not ring true. The movie does not do a good job of building suspense. Final thought: Kudos for getting this one done so quickly.....but I wish it was a better movie.

  • In the Earth

    In the Earth

    The director, Ben Wheatley, has made some interesting movies that I have enjoyed, In The Earth does not fall into that category. This one is a mess, and a movie that needed a deep search on the internet to be able to understand what I watched. Movie tries to hard to be clever and mysterious while failing to make a movie that is fun to watch. Final thought: Disappointing.

  • Six Minutes to Midnight

    Six Minutes to Midnight

    This is a World War 2 spy thriller set in England right before the start of World War 2. Movie has a good cast. Movie is based on a true story. Despite those strengths this one does not really get going. Scenes that should be intense are not. The action scenes are pretty weak. A movie that should have been better.

  • Grumpy Old Men

    Grumpy Old Men


    After talking my wife into seeing The Odd Couple II, I felt obligated to show her a good Jack Lemmon/Walter Matthau movie. Grumpy Old Men is a fun movie to watch. Lemmon and Matthau are both outstanding in the movie. The plot twists are fun to watch. The movie does not fall into the trap of having a massive finale. Final thought: A fun movie.

  • The Odd Couple II

    The Odd Couple II

    Sadly this pretty weak movie was the last time we got to see legends Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau work together. It was also one of their last movies either made...as each made one more movie after this one. This sequel to the 1960s box office hit, is not funny, not original, not fun to watch and not worth the time it took to watch. Final thought: A sad movie.

  • First Date

    First Date

    This was a quirky low budget heist movie. The entire cast was unknown to me, but I thought they did a good job in this one. The action scenes are not a strength. The second half of the movie is pretty unremarkable. I did enjoy the first half as we got to know the characters. Final thought: A decent little movie.