A Lonely Place to Die

When a group of climbers in the Scottish Highlands discover a little girl buried alive underground, they find themselves pursued by a pair of ruthless killers determined to get her back at all costs.

What starts off as a decent, while in no way original, thriller/horror as the protagonists are chased down through the mountainous and wooded terrain of Scotland, unfortunately falls apart quite badly in the last half hour or so. The bad guys go from cold and clinical to utterly careless in a matter of moments and suddenly lack any rational thinking. Up until that point though I thought it was a really solid if unspectacular film. The setting looks gorgeous and I found the performances from the main group of actors pretty good. Another strong point is the heft of the stunts, they have real weight to them and look incredibly brutal in places.

It’s certainly worth checking out, but there’s nothing much about it that stays with you afterwards.

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