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  • Quartet



    Around the World in Cinema 2018 - England, UK

    It seems unfair to pick on Quartet, but a lot of the reason the review will be negative is that, for me, the greatest sin a film can commit is to be average. The worse cases are those you enjoy whilst you watch them, only for them to disappear in the mind with no intention of seeing them again. Effectively they become the disposable junk food of cinema, only they are…

  • Argo



    Around the World in Cinema 2018 - USA (By way of Turkey)

    Best Picture Oscars #9

    Did Argo deserve the 85th Oscar? Nope. Even if its a divisive film in itself, Django Unchained is a better movie even if you the reader hate Quentin Tarantino. The list of Best Picture nominees for this year is strange. Life of Pi is an average film, as is Spielberg's Lincoln, so both are immediately discounted. The rest I haven't seen. I am hesitant…

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  • Video Nasties: Draconian Days

    Video Nasties: Draconian Days


    Ah, has it really been four years since the last documentary? The last box set for the first documentary has sat proudly in my DVD case, then suddenly a new chapter appears with the addition of two extra discs on Section 3 films, which I even made a list for - - and I can add the new set side-by-side with the original.

    In terms of the documentary, its your standard structured work in the genre, although I'm significantly…

  • The Inglorious Bastards

    The Inglorious Bastards


    Watching this, I realise the 1) Italian genre cinema deserves as much praiseas being great cinema in craft and that 2) Enzo G. Castellari needs to be placed in the higher tier alongside the Fulcis and Bavas. He feels like a working director, not an author of his work, and he has some inconsistent films in what I've seen, but he needs more than a cult status behind him. This is good already, don't get me wrong, as it lead…