Ran ★★★★★

men prefer sorrow over joy. suffering over peace.

was as visually magnificent as i could have hoped for, but i also love that kurosawa chooses to focus so heavily on the family dynamic of the father and three sons (all greatly flawed, who choose to ignore their advisors at every turn) with the battles almost just being a by-product of the chaos.

the clockwork orange-esk journey the father descends into, being forced to confront all the people and places he'd previously destroyed was unexpected and tatsuya nakadai was the perfect actor to give that (once again very intense) performance. i'm also not sure why (just the vibes i got) but the father's journey felt like it was personal to kurosawa, which is a pretty interesting thing i'll have to dwell on.

i also couldn't help but acknowledge, with all the other films that have been adapted from kurosawa films (star wars, magnificient seven, etc), that this also pretty much set the ground work for modern tv shows like succession and game of thrones as well.

lastly, lady kaede. you a boss.

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