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  • Joker



    Easily the laziest depiction of Joker I’ve ever seen. Joaquin Phoenix is good, but it isn’t like he or Todd Phillips attempted to do anything unique with the character. 

    The film is also super lazy, as it just panders to the crowd it was made for and doesn’t offer any sort of alternative opinion (like Joker being the bad guy) because it knows that it will offend the crowd it was made for.

    In my opinion, the morals it preaches are pretty reckless and dangerous.

  • 1917



    I need to get better at logging things on Letterboxd. I’ve seen several movies since Little Women (including films like Richard Jewell, a special Roger Corman screening and a rewatch of The Godfather trilogy).

    Anyway, this was amazing. It’s my second favorite movie of the year behind Parasite, and it’s going to be the movie I pull for most in the Oscars, considering I expect Parasite to be snubbed for every category except Best Foreign Film and Best Original Screenplay…

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  • High and Low

    High and Low


    I know that the two people that I watched this with thought that this was better than what I thought it was, but they didn’t change my opinion on it. This film suffers from the same problem that Full Metal Jacket did (I haven’t rated this but I’d probably give it 3.5 stars), in that the first half is incredibly strong and the second half (both cases - the longer half) lags heavily. This means that the film had to…