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  • Sleep Has Her House

    Sleep Has Her House


    I’ve got a lot to write here,

    I’m going to rewatch it again before formalising the rest of my thoughts, but I will say that this film provokes its viewer to reconsider what we think a film actually is.

    Cinema has taught us that films are collaborative efforts from an array of artists, all working to bring the narrative to life. Cinema, for ever, has taught us that character, time and location are all necessities for a story to be consumable. 

    Sleep Has…

  • Suspiria



    Ahhh Suspiria...Dario Argentina greatest work? Critically, financially, perhaps...

    Suspiria is Argento’s most acclaimed work, and in my opinion, his most beautiful work. Taking what he and Mario Bava pioneered in the 1970s, Argento diverts from his recognised Giallo genre, and instead applies his stylish finish to a witch film. I’m still indecisive as to what to regard this film as, sub-genre-wise, but there’s no doubt it executes the pros that lie within the slasher and the ghost film.

    This divisive…

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  • Vertigo



    The film that is closest to my heart.

    Alfred Hitchcock is in his prime here, taking the romance genre and injecting his masterful suspense skills to create a drama involving two characters overflowing with emotions. Perhaps never (in my viewing history) has the mise en scene impressed be more so in its ability to served a narrative, as colours, costumes and location all play a vital roll in progressing the two character arcs at stake.

    The true climax of Hollywood’s…

  • Eyes Without a Face

    Eyes Without a Face


    Whoa what a good movie

    — Full review coming soon