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  • The Cathedral

    The Cathedral



    Really, really good. Like Boyhood, yes, but trimmed down to one’s core memories — the textures and ambience of childhood. Memory is blurry and erratic, but extracting particular moments, and presenting them in a clear, distilled, painterly manner, makes those otherwise granular moments present and larger-than-life. The minimalistic approach also allocates enough space to then allow (1) you to place your own memories onto those presented (favorite stuffed animals, the color of your favorite crayons, the…

  • Paris Is Burning

    Paris Is Burning


    Been mulling on this for a few days trying to figure out something more comprehensive to say, but this is just exquisite filmmaking. Living with a big, grandiose capital L — the capabilities of the human body, the expressive dynamics of dancing and movement, the power and empowerment behind clothes, the simple exquisiteness of those creations, and the dreams that thread it all together. And seldom have I seen faces photographed so beautifully and majestically; the 2019 restoration of this is ridiculous.

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  • Faya Dayi

    Faya Dayi



    “He drank the water of eternal life and became daylight.”

    Endlessly fascinating. The narratives that are alternated to and from undermine Beshir’s objective, more lucrative dream-state tendencies and hinder the runtime’s direction, but, man, are there are a couple pockets that are tremendous. The photography is as good as it gets.

  • New York New York

    New York New York


    The Epicenter. 

    Wonderful. On a purely sentimental level, this might end up being the best artistic documentation we’ll have of this crisis when it’s all over, when we’re through.