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  • The Hours and Times

    The Hours and Times


    This is the movie you always dreamt of where it’s about the Beatles (a beatle) but it’s just a well written low key drama. Like sideways but instead of the guys from sideways it’s John Lennon and Brian Epstein! Not a single Beatles song is sung or played on the soundtrack. Not one!

  • Parasite



    You could say that in Bong Joon-Ho’s vision of society we’re all stuck together on a hell train that’s barreling full speed ahead through the wasteland towards sure destruction. I’m at least starting to get that impression. 

    This movie is, of course, a lot more tactile and unhinged than a movie like Snowpiercer, and slightly less confined to the limitations of genre. The limits that do exist here are self-imposed, and they’re a part of the drama itself. As the…

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  • Joker



    This movie approximates what I think it must have felt like to have Ben Shapiro mansplain Taxi Driver to you while wearing a Batman costume at a frat party in 2006

  • Hustlers



    J Lo is great. Cardi B, in her brief role, is hilarious and terrifying and amazing. Hustlers is lurid and enthralling, and it’s heartily sustained by the exciting promises of its premise, but it doesn't actually fulfill those promises. The movie that is supposed to be about ingenious, dangerous, criminal women never really becomes about that. It’s too preoccupied with the task of assuring the audience that the main characters are nice; that they’re competent and relatable; that they’re good…